Removable and Fixed Prosthetics

    Removable and Fixed Prosthetics Removable and fixed prosthetics:
  • metal ceramics (crowns and bridges) - IVOCLAR
  • metal-free ceramics (crowns, veneers and bridges) - IVOCLAR
  • dentures (partial and removable)
  • combined works


Dental prosthetics has two aims - to substitute the missing teeth or to correct the appearance of the existing teeth.

Metal Ceramic Crowns

Metal ceramic crowns are less represented than metal-free, but they are excellent quality and have attractive aesthetic appearance. A well made crown of quality material can prolong the life of the tooth up to twenty years.

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be metal or metal-free. The core of metal crowns is of metal, while the outer part is of ceramic. Metal-free crowns are made of zirconium. Zirconium is known as rhinestone of extremely high firmness. Metal-free zirconium crowns possess impeccable bio-compatibility, physical characteristics, aesthetics. Metal-free dental crowns provide extremely accurate fit of the tooth.

Removable  Prosthetics

Removable dentures can be partial or total. Total dental prosthesis is a kind of substitution by which all lost teeth are supplemented. This prosthesis allows the patient the restoration of disturbed functions such as normal speech, normal flow of food, normal aesthetic appearance. The hygiene of removable prosthesis should be done outside the mouth. Over time, these prostheses require correction because the gums will pull back, or making of a new prosthesis will be needed. Partial removable dentures substitute only the missing part of the teeth.