Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Dentistry

Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Dentistry Aesthetic dentistry serves one purpose – to make Your smile magical, decorated with healthy white teeth.

Teeth Whitening

This popular procedure doesn't have a lifetime effect, but its benefit is in the fact that during whitening there are no structural changes that happen on the surface of the tooth, so the process can be repeated many times without any harmful consequences.

American Dental Association announced its attitude which says: "Teeth whitening is indicated by a dentist and it takes place under appropriate conditions, with preparations made by reputable manufacturers, under constant supervision of a qualified person, within a relatively short duration, it is absolutely safe and effective way of teeth whitening. Moderate tooth sensitivity to hot and cold is a common side-effect after all methods of whitening. However, no long-term negative consequences on the tooth structure were observed in any clinical study."

Aestethic Fillings

Using aesthetic composite fillings, so called “white seals”, natural look of teeth can be achieved. When we do aesthetic fillings, it is enough to remove only the sick part of the tooth. It is applied when a renewal of only a small part of the tooth is required, it is done at the dental clinic, the whole process can be finished during only one visit to the dentist.

Broken Teeth

SYMPTHOMS -  tooth is partially or completely out of its socket, due to a strong hit to the jaw.

CAUSES - children often loose some teeth in an accident. It is a problem only when they loose a  secondary (permanent) tooth. The reason is that the primary (milk) teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth.
Loosing a tooth happens more often in the case of men (teenagers and adults), because they participate in sports with a contact more often. In most cases it happens with the front teeth.

THERAPY  – if the tooth is partially out of its socket, go to the dentist or emergency center immediately!
If the tooth is completely fallen out, put it back quickly to its socket, if possible. If not, put it in a cup of milk or salt water, or wrap it in a clean wet cloth. Then hurry to the dentist or emergency center. The tooth will be merged back together with the jaw in 90% of cases, if it is put back to its socket within 30 minutes after it had fallen out.
The dentist will put the tooth back to its place and attach it to the tooth next to it for 10-14 days, to protect it from moving.
But if the tooth is completely blown out, the dentist will probably have to work on the channel of the root of the tooth, because the pulp (where the nerves and blood vessels are) is damaged. Sometimes it is needed to put a fake tooth instead of the old natural tooth. In some cases the tooth is swallowed. Then you should do an X-ray to determine if the tooth might entered  into the lungs.

Decoration on Teeth

Only healthy teeth can be decorated.