Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry Preventive dentistry includes all those actions that can prevent any problems arising with teeth. An old proverb says ***It is better to be safe than sorry***. (In Serbian literally means: “It is better to prevent than heal”)

Fluoride Treatment of Teeth

Fluorides are minerals that play an extremely important role in the effective prevention of dental caries and in treatment of starting caries. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel even in the period when teeth only start to grow. They enter to the organism through food, water or in the form of fluoride pills.

If your child is in a risky group, we recommend professional application of fluoride to teeth in order to prevent starting caries. The application of fluoride is a simple, short and painless procedure, which should be repeated 2 to 3 times a year.

Fissure Sealing

Fissure sealing is another very important preventive act in protecting teeth from cavities. Fissures are bumps on the chewing surfaces of teeth, especially on the molars. By the process of fissure sealing, a liquid sealant nicely fills in and smooths the biting surface. It creates a shield over the tooth enamel and prevents the penetration and retention of food residues. We recommend that children's teeth chewing surfaces, especially molars, would be treated this way as soon as they grow out, because teeth that are most disposed to spoilage will be effectively protected. Professionally applied, quality sealant can protect the teeth and up to 10 years, with periodical control.

Teeth Polishing

Detal Calculus Removal and Teeth Polishing

Dental plaque, which settles on the tooth enamel, over time creates a dental calculus. Dental calculus is the greatest enemy of healthy teeth. Visible but not at all attractive depositions on the teeth causing tooth decay, pyorrhea and bad breath. That's why is the removal of dental calculus is necessary, it is a quick and painless process in order to keep our teeth healthy and shiny. After removing calculus, teeth are polished  with a special paste on which calculus can hardly be adherent. The surface of the tooth becomes smooth and shiny.

Tracking the Shift of Teeth

For proper growth and development of teeth and jaws of your children, it is very important to follow the change of teeth by a dentist. We recommend regular dental check-ups every 4-6 months. Only a dentist can detect minimal carious changes on the teeth of your child, which, if not treated in time, can result an early loss of teeth. Every tooth that is lost too early is a potential cause of the numerous irregularities that at a later stage often require long-term therapy.