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Dental Clinic “Dr Maja Radovic” has existed since 2002. It has a successful business and offers services from all areas of dentistry.

The Dental Clinic is located in the street Vase Pelagica no. 42 in Nis, Serbia.

Using the latest technology in the equipment and material, Dental Clinic “Dr Maja Radovic” offers a wide range of services: classical treatments, canal therapy, all kinds of tooth extraction, surgery on the teeth and gums, teeth whitening, implantation of titanium implants, aesthetic (cosmetic) dentistry, prosthetics for the reconstruction of lost teeth.

What do our patients say?

At the Dental Clinic Dr. Maja Radovic I found friendliness and helpfulness which is very rare. The prostheses that they made for me gave me back the possibility to eat again normally and to smile without fear. Thank you very much, Dr. Maja! Many greetings
Mirjana Pantic

Facial rejuvenation

Dr Maja Radovic

18000 Nis, Vase Pelagica 42

tel. 063 86 43 034, 062 72 37 34

3D Mesonites

Lifting and tightening by threads is a minimally invasive method by which we achieve lifting of the skin on problematic areas without  surgical removal of surplus skin and fat tissue. The effects can be seen immediately after the treatment and the maximum is achieved after 3-6 months. The effect lasts up to 2-3 years. Patients after the treatment look younger and more nourished without a face lifting surgery.


Fillers are substances that have multiple roles, starting from treatment of facial rejuvenation, through lip augmentation to filling of wrinkles. Hyaluron-fillers represent the Hyaluron acid in a form of a gel. Hyaluron acid is a component of all organisms, and over 50% of it is found in the skin. Strong bonding of water is one of the characteristics of hyaluron acid. Hyaluron-fillers can be injected into all regions of the face, and besides the face, they can find their place also in the treatment of the neck area, decolletage or hands. The results last from 6 months to a year.

PRP - Plasma enriched with platelets 

The procedure of facial rejuvenation with platelet-enriched plasma is a revolutionary, all-natural procedure with amazing results of facial and skin rejuvenation. It is based on applying plasma in the regions which are being treated. The most important advantages of the procedure are the use of blood plasma, which is a natural component of the organism, painlessness, instantaneous recovery and lasting results.

The following areas can be treated this way:
- Face (rejuvenation and acne scars)
- Neck
- Decolletage
- Hands
- Hair
- The area around the eyes
- Treatment of stretch marks and cellulite

We are located at: Vase Pelagica no 42


E-mail: mayaradovic@yahoo.com


Plasma - 55% of the total blood volume
Plasma - 55% of the total blood volume
White blood cells
Red blood cells
Correction of wrinkles
Increase of the volume
Stimulation of the production of hyaluron acid
Equalization and radiance of your complexion
Recovery of the vitality of the skin
Increased hydration
Stimulation of angiogenesis
No side effects or allergies
The facial mimics are retained